Tokenomy Oktober Report

Greetings to all of You in Tokenomy community!

Welcome back to Tokenomy’s Monthly Report Update!

Key Highlights of October:

  1. Tokenomy’s first Launchpad project commanded a huge success where PlayGame’s pre-token sales sold out in just 5 days!
  2. The huge success of Block Community (we have more than 250 attendees and hosted 15 speakers)
  3. Tokenomy lists 3 top 20 coins (Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic)
  4. Tokenomy listing on MyToken, forging a stronger presence in China
  5. Full Launch of Tokenomy Exchange with exciting new features included— New features include chatroom, Multi-Language support (English, Chinese & Indonesia Language), Affiliate and referral, 3rd tier KYC, enhanced design interface and username creation
  6. Overwhelming Bounty Contest Participation — We’re overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and support that you have shown towards the contest where together we have reached a total of 12,475 people on Facebook and made 29,768 impressions on Twitter.

🌟 Events you can look forward to:

10/10 Trading Contest

More details will be released on 10th October 2018! Keep yourself posted on our pages to get firsthand information on how you can win some TEN tokens from our 10/10 Trading Contest.

Affiliate and Referral Program Incentives

You will soon be rewarded with a stash of TEN tokens for every friends and family that you refer to Tokenomy!

If you don’t already have an existing Tokenomy Exchange Account, what are you waiting for? Hop on over and sign up at Tokenomy Exchange to start trading today!

There will be more exciting deals and events coming your way. So be sure to keep yourself posted to all our social media channels

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