3 Tokenomy Referral Benefits You Should Know!

As technology advances, everyone can take advantage of the many new sources of income available. You can  do affiliate marketing or join a referral program. People can buy a product or join a platform with a special link to your account. Interesting, right? For those who are already members of Tokenomy, you can immediately get benefits just by inviting other people to join this platform! How technical is it? Learn more in this article!

What is the Referral Program?

For those who are new to the term referral, this marketing strategy encourages customers or users to invite others to join and buy a product. The referral program is usually used by an online business such as an e-commerce or a crypto platform like Tokenomy. These programs are very effective because a business can take advantage of its network of users to reap greater profits. In addition, research shows that most people are more interested in using and buying a product if they get references and recommendations from others they trust. This system is very beneficial for both parties because users who succeed in inviting others also get benefits in the form of rewards or several benefits from every user who successfully joins.

Interested in joining? So, how do you get started?  Customers need to register on a referral program platform and get a unique link to their account. If someone joins or buys a product through the link, the account owner earns a commission according to the initial agreement. At Tokenomy there are several referral programs that you can join and each one offers different benefits. You can read the explanation below.

Contract Market Referral Reward

This type of referral is done by sharing a link for people to join and trade on TokenomyX. You can share your referral link on all your social media platforms or invite others to join by sending them the link. To get the referral link, you need to register on TokenomyX and make sure that the account is verified. Then, go to your profile and click on the referral menu to get a link.

For this referral, there are several ways you can make a profit. First, you get a commission from a percentage of the deposit amount entered by users who use your link. Second, you get a commission as a percentage of the transactions they make on TokenomyX. For example, when your friend A deposits X amount and has traded more than 30 times collectively, you will receive 0.7% of the deposit value. When A makes a trade, you will receive 10% of the bid/bid spread multiplied by the trade position.

Tokenomy Earn Referral Reward

The Tokenomy Earn Referral Program is only available for the fixed deposit service.. This type of referral can provide an additional income up to millions of rupiah by inviting friends to invest in Tokenomy Earn’s fixed deposit. In addition, the friends you invite to join will get a higher profit percentage for their first deposit in the fixed deposit service. As a referee and a new user who registers through this program, your friend can earn up to 30% on a fixed deposit. This advantage is only available with your friend’s first subscription  when they make a deposit in the first 6 months after registering for Tokenomy Earn.

Those of you who share a referral code will get a bonus depending on the value of the first fixed deposit made by the user of your referral code as follows:

  1. 10 TEN For deposits below 10,000 IDK
  2. 100 TEN for a deposit with a value between 10,001 IDK to 100,000 IDK
  3. 500 IDK for deposits with a value between 100,001 IDK to 500,000 IDK
  4. 2000 IDK for deposits over 500,000 IDK

Just like the previous referral program,  you must have a verified account with Tokenomy Earn. The reward benefits are available to you after your friend’s first subscription has passed. For example: your friend makes their first deposit over 90 days.  The profit you have made will reflect in  your account after 90 days. 

Tokenomy Spot Market Referral Reward

For this referral, you can enjoy a return of up to 50% from every transaction fee made when people use your link to buy and sell Bitcoin on Tokenomy for six months after they first register.  The earnings will be sent to you after the transaction has been completed and verified by the system.

How to Get Tokenomy Referral Link

 Are you interested in joining the Tokenomy referral program? Here are the steps you can take to get started:

  1. Login to your Tokenomy account.
  2. Click “Settings.”
  3. Select the “Referrals” menu and copy the referral link along with the code listed there for you to share with friends.
  4. Share your referral link on social media and the crypto community you follow.
  5. When your friends click on your link, they will immediately go to the Tokenomy registration page stating that they joined via your referral link.


Why wait? Join our referral program and get the benefits immediately.

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