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Are you looking to start investing in crypto? Of course, you must ensure your own understanding of what crypto is and how crypto investment works. With the development of technology and the advancement of information dissemination today, it sometimes makes someone confused to start at the starting point of learning something. There are so many crypto learning resources out there, it’s only natural that you’re confused about which one is the best and most trusted. But don’t worry, in this article, Tokenomy will provide you with trusted YouTube account references to help you on your crypto journey. Read on below!

Reference to Learn Crypto on Youtube

Of course when you use the keyword crypto in the Youtube search engine, thousands of videos will appear that you can watch. However, which accounts can provide accurate information and are also easy to understand as a beginner? Here are the 7 Youtube account references you can watch to better understand the crypto world in 2022.

  1. Tokenomy

    As a beginner-friendly crypto investment platform, Tokenomy does not forget to provide accurate and reliable sources of information for its users and other crypto enthusiasts. All the information presented on Tokenomy’s Youtube videos is easy-to-understand content, even for beginners. The information is also quite comprehensive, ranging from trading analysis, crypto content recap, and many Academy videos on Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain fundamentals. If you are interested in investing in Tokenomy, you can also watch our step-by-step videos on investing on our Youtube channel!

  2. Aantonop (Andreas Antonopoulos)

    This Youtuber is one of the most trusted cryptos and Bitcoin content creators, and his videos are fun to watch. His content is known to be unbiased and honest, and his complex crypto explainer videos are easy to understand for beginners. Some of his videos have engaging Q&A sessions. Maybe you can find some questions you have answered in one of his videos.Ā 

  3. Angga Andinata

    Well-known as an influencer and educator, Angga often presents content about crypto using easy-to-understand language. Because his language is easy to understand, beginners will find it easier to understand complex concepts about crypto when watching his videos. His content is about learning Bitcoin trading for beginners, the latest cryptocurrency trends, and financial tips.

  4. Robert Breedlove

    Robert Breedlove is one of the speakers in the world of Bitcoin who is quite famous on Youtube. For him, Bitcoin is the most significant movement in human financial history. He presents many videos about finance in general and discusses Bitcoin from a philosophical perspective.

  5. CoinDesk

    CoinDesk is one of the global community platforms in the crypto world that provides reliable and influential information. They present a lot of information on how the crypto market is developing in the world financial system. On their YouTube Channel, they try to provide reliable information and also provide opportunities for their viewers to interact in the comments column as a connected community.

  6. Bitcoin Magazine

    This YouTube channel is one of the oldest with the most reliable information about Bitcoin market trends and analyses. The channel also presents material about the blockchain technology system and the industry that has developed around it. Bitcoin Magazine has provided valuable information since 2012, which can be one of your primary references in learning about the crypto world.

  7. Benjamin Cowen

    For those of you who are beginners, you must understand that in making decisions in trading, you must use the basis of technical analysis and qualitative analysis. Benjamin Cowen provides technical analysis information for those of you who want to learn it. Some complicated terms will appear in his videos, but you need to understand this so that you don’t make any mistakes in trading crypto.

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