Tips and Tricks for Crypto Faucets

Tips and Tricks for Crypto Faucets

If you are looking to profit through crypto, then crypto faucets is one of the ways. The way faucets work is very different from crypto investments such as trading, staking, or using deposits. A crypto faucet is a platform that distributes crypto assets to users who do specified tasks for rewards. Therefore, in order to be able to earn these prizes, you need to perform tasks such as downloading an application, watching product videos, and so on. You must be registered as a user on the platform in order to participate in these activities. If you have successfully registered and completed the task, the platform will send the rewards to your micro digital wallet.

Difference between Faucet and Airdrop

You must have heard the term crypto-airdrop. Both faucets and airdrops function in a way whereby users who perform a task will be rewarded with cryptocurrency. While faucets and airdrops are similar in the way they function, the differences lie in the type of crypto asset that is used to reward the participants, as well as how they are distributed and the purpose of the distribution.

Airdrop is a distribution of crypto assets for promotional events that are often carried out simultaneously, quickly, and in large quantities. They are used as prizes in order to raise awareness of new products. The airdrop events are only carried out during the promotional period so it is a one-off event. While for crypto faucets, the platform constantly pushes out newĀ  tasks for users to take part in, enticing users to visit the site regularly. For this reason, the distribution of prizes in the faucet is addressed personally to a user who has already completed the task. Meanwhile, the rewards given out for airdrop events are used to raise awareness of the new crypto asset.

Crypto Faucet Platforms

Interested in crypto faucets? If you are still confused about where to start, you can start by learning about the various crypto faucets that you can join. There are various crypto platforms that conducts faucet activities, here are some of them:

  • Cointply
    Cointply is one of the most well-known websites that conducts crypto faucets. It is also said Cointply has given out prizes worth $450,000 of Bitcoin to users who are active in completing its predetermined tasks. To earn the prize, you need to click on the given link and play the game.
  • Faucet Crypto
    Another popular crypto faucet website is Faucet Crypto, where you can claim big assets like TRON, Steem, and Verge. On this platform, you can choose the type of crypto asset you want to be rewarded with. After which, you will earn all referral commissions based on the crypto you have chosen.
  • Best Change
    This platform has been active for over 3 years and is well known to be one of the easiest Bitcoin faucets to use. You can earn referral fees by referring users to this platform.
  • Faucet Pay
    This platform has a large cryptocurrency faucet network. On this platform, you can earn big crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, after you have completed the assigned tasks.
  • Free Bitcoin
    This platform is a Bitcoin faucet that has been around for a long time and has many unique features, such as a referral program of up to 50% commission and the opportunity to win $300 worth of Bitcoin. You can claim crypto assets from this faucet in many ways for example by clicking on the link, and completing the various tasks.
  • Bit Games
    If you enjoy playing games, this is a great opportunity to earn crypto assets through this hobby! In this faucet, you can play games and earn Bitcoins.

Beware of Crypto Faucet Scams

There are many people who are worried that the crypto faucets can be a scam. Nevertheless, there are many faucet platforms that are safe and trusted. However, you need to understand the characteristics of crypto faucet scams in order to shy away from them. One of the most common forms of crypto faucet fraud is a faucet wallet. In this type of fraud, the faucet organizer will invite you to create a wallet and deposit coins into it to earn rewards. Unfortunately, once you deposit the coin and complete the task, you will not be able to withdraw your deposited asset along with the promised reward. In this case, your assets would have been stolen by the fraudster.

Another scam is identity theft. You will be asked to register your account by filling in your personal data. On the registration form, you are asked to enter various kinds of personal information such as your credit card CVV numbers, addresses, and so on. Personal data can be misused and also sold to other parties who are not responsible. If you have given away your credit card details, you might even get fraudulent transactions.

How to Avoid Crypto Faucet Scams

There are many crypto faucet scams. You need to be careful when participating in faucets and learn more carefully about the platform to avoid fraud. Make sure you do research on the platform through trusted crypto forums. Consult with the crypto community in order to get another perspective.

Pay attention to the security system and also how the faucet works. Are you required to deposit assets first before starting? Are you asked to share personal data such as your crypto wallet address and access keys? If the platform is suspicious, it’s a good idea to avoid it and look for other more secure alternatives.

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