Utilities of TEN Token on Tokenomy

With the development of the digital age, cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems have transformed the investment market and become one of the factors in the development of the digital economy. Against this backdrop, Tokenomy created its own utility token called TEN to provide access to investors and traders on its platform.Ā 

But what makes TEN utility tokens different from other cryptocurrencies? Basically, utility tokens are crypto assets that are used to pay for goods and services on a particular network. In the case of TEN, this means that it can only be used within the Tokenomy platform. Having this token on the Tokenomy platform gives its users a distinct advantage that can be more beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of using TEN on the Tokenomy platform:

  1. Discounted Trading Fees on Tokenomy
  2. More Benefits in Investing Fixed Deposit on Tokenomy Earn
  3. Using TEN Tokens to Increase Loyalty Status
  4. Get a discounted interest rate for crypto lending

Discounted Trading Fees on Tokenomy

One of the main factors that you should understand before choosing a crypto investment platform is the transaction fees that need to be paid. On Tokenomy, the trading transaction fee charged to users is 0.25%. Meanwhile, if you use TEN tokens as payment, you will only be charged 0.125% of each transaction. Every trade takes place between two parties: the market maker, who places orders in the order book, and the market taker, who takes orders from the order book. In simple terms, market makers are the “providers” of liquidity, while market takers are the “takers” of liquidity.

The trading platform charges 0.125% of the total order value. This means that if you are a market taker, and you execute an order worth USD 1,000, you will have to pay a fee of USD 1.25. On the other hand, market makers do not have to pay anything when trading on Tokenomy. This is a very strong competitive advantage in the market. This is especially beneficial for investors who are not interested in taking existing orders from the order book, but prefer to “fish” with market maker orders.

More Benefits in Investing Fixed Deposit in Tokenomy Earn

You can use TEN tokens to invest in fixed deposits at Tokenomy Earn. For a 30-day tenor, you can earn up to 3%. The longer the period you choose, the higher the profit percentage you will get. For 90-days, you can earn up to 5% of your deposit. The minimum deposit to invest can start from just 10 TEN.

Using TEN Tokens to Increase Loyalty Status

Tokenomy has a program called the TEN Loyalty Program, which provides additional benefits for TEN token holders to invest in the Tokenomy platform. The loyalty status itself consists of 3 types: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each type of status has its own benefits.

Bronze: is the lowest loyalty status, so the first time you use the Tokenomy platform, you will be directly rated as a Bronze user.

Silver: is the status for users who have at least 1000 TEN tokens. The benefits of this status include an additional 0.25% interest rate for fixed deposit and staking products.

Gold: a status for users who have 500,000 TEN tokens or more. The benefit of this status is an additional 0.5% interest for fixed deposits and staking products.

Get discounted interest payment for crypto Loan

In addition, you can also enjoy low-interest rates if you pay the interest on your loan with TEN tokens.Ā 

How to Get TEN Tokens

Interested in using TEN tokens to make your investment in Tokenomy more profitable? All you have to do is join Tokenomy as a member and go through a series of identity verifications. After that, you can purchase TEN on the exchange dashboard. Alternatively, you can purchase TEN on the Indodax platform.

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