Now You Can Save Your TEN Tokens in AToken Wallet!

Hello Tokenomy users,

We are thrilled to announce that TEN Token has been integrated into the Atoken Wallet! Now, you can save your TEN Tokens in AToken, a multi-asset wallet.

To walk you through the integration, we are holding an “AMA (Ask Me Anything)” event together with AToken. 

USDT Airdrop — Join the AMA session to participate in our 200 USDT Airdrop!

Mark your calendar:

Date: May 12th, 2020
Time: 19:00–20:00 (GMT +7)

To join the AMA session, click here.

Airdrop Terms and Conditions
  1. Before joining the AMA Session, participants must download the AToken Wallet App, join AToken and Tokenomy Telegram Group, follow AToken and Tokenomy Facebook and Twitter pages.
  2. During the AMA Session, the first 20 users who register for an AToken account will be rewarded with an airdrop reward of 8 USDT each. 
  3. AToken will also select 5 participants who asked the 5 best questions during the AMA Session to win an Airdrop reward of 8 USDT each.
  4. The Airdrop rewards will be distributed to each winner’s AToken Wallet Address within 15 business days after the Winners Announcement on May 14th, 2020. Please make sure to input the correct AToken Wallet Address in the registration form.
  5. AToken and Tokenomy reserve the rights to change the terms and conditions.
AToken Intro

AToken Digital Currency Wallet is built by a former development core team of Huobi exchange wallet. It is a light mobile wallet that supports multi-currency storage, access to third-party Apps, and currency exchange. AToken users exceeded 1,500,000 with 10.5 billion stored in assets.

To learn more about AToken Wallet, click here.

AToken Channels:
Telegram Group (Indonesia) | Telegram Channel | Twitter | Medium


Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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