2020 Tokenomy Indodax cryptocurrency investor survey

Tokenomy, in collaboration with INDODAX, NUS Fintech Lab, NGC Ventures, and LongHash, has published the 2020 INDODAX Cryptocurrency Investor Survey. The report focuses on cryptocurrency sentiments amongst existing users in INDODAX, the largest cryptocurrency exchange operating in Indonesia with over 1.8 million users. It provides insights on investor habits and preferences, with a total of 35,291 results analysed.

Cryptocurrency interest has been increasing in Indonesia, long painted as an attractive market for fintech expansion with one of the largest online markets worldwide and a high unbanked population. Existing surveys suggest high cryptocurrency literacy in Indonesia. A 2017 DailySocialID study found that 78.1% of surveyed Indonesians know of Bitcoin and 49.9% know of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. One in three Indonesians are interested in owning virtual currency, and the country has introduced regulatory clarity regarding cryptocurrencies and futures trading.

The report analyses investor demographics and behaviour, including investment philosophy, asset preferences and subject knowledge. It includes a collaborative effort between the research arm of Tokenomy, the marketing team of INDODAX, and leading experts in financial technology.

Christian Hsieh, CEO of Tokenomy, says: “This report shows that optimistic sentiments remain strong amongst cryptocurrency holders in Indonesia. We see a strong opportunity for FinTech companies to provide relevant services to Indonesian investors.”

You can access the report here.

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