Blockchain: Safe, secure and fair share for all


The future of blockchain is already here following buy-in from multinational companies looking to power their own projects and stay at the forefront of competition. Very much like the rise of wireless payments, it won’t be long before cryptocurrency becomes a part of the mainstream day to day.

As more organisations across different industries become acquainted with the advantages of using these digital ledgers, more uses for its utility are discovered.

What makes blockchains so highly coveted is how they are able to offer two seemingly contradicting attributes — accountability and decentralization. Both are qualities essential to helping establishments safeguard their credibility in environments where trustworthiness is key.

These attributes, along with high security encryption, enable businesses in a crypto-ecosystem to facilitate unmediated interactions among stakeholders in a safe and tamper-proof space. Once records are coded onto the blockchain, they cannot be edited without altering all subsequent records that come after, allowing for easy detection of tampering.

Every transaction is coded in chronological order onto the blockchain without the need for central recordkeeping, greatly simplifying internal operations. By replacing traditional methods of reconciliation with blockchain, businesses can also dramatically minimize costs and delays associated to human error.

For the same reasons, the technology is being rapidly adopted in industries, like financial services, and can be used to help businesses grow through participation in token sales.

Despite these benefits, hurdles exist in its adoption due to the lack of technical competence to navigate this new and complex technology. This poses a barrier to entry especially among non-tech ventures. This is why the onus falls on cryptocurrency platforms to help simplify the technical aspects for easy implementation.

At Tokenomy, with our blockchain enterprise solutions and token exchange platform, we work closely with our clients to navigate through these technical as well as business-related aspects in the new token economy.

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