Crypto Investor Briefing – June 2021

Crypto Investor Briefing June 2021

June 2021 

With much excitement built up since the beginning of this year, the crypto market took a dive in the month of May. For newer investors in the space, they might be distracted and confused by the market noise and outsized volatility. For crypto old timers, it is a time to reflect on what they truly believe and the fundamental changes that this decentralized payment system will inevitably bring to traditional finance.

Tokenomy was invited by a large bank last month to host an education session on crypto assets with 70+ financial advisors. During the Q&A discussion, we found that the interest in this emerging asset class is exceptionally high, but the unconventional nature of this technology doesn’t seem too intuitive even to the most sophisticated investors and advisors.  We discussed that high volatility in a decentralized free market is a feature, not a bug; and energy consumption for bitcoin mining is a distinguished security mechanism, not merely an environmental concern. However, with a few tweets from a charismatic figure like Elon Musk, the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) sentiment quickly triggered panic selling actions globally, which shows that this young asset class has a long way before reaching its maturity.

For long-term investors, looking beyond the price volatility to evaluate the current macro environment and assess how this new technology will transform the financial industry is the smart approach. I am a big fan of stepping back and looking at the broader ocean, not just the shore waves, when making investment decisions. There is so much to learn from this intellectually stimulating industry, and there is no better time to start this journey when the market seems to be in turmoil ⏤ one may realize that this is actually an opportunity.

Christian Hsieh
CEO, Tokenomy


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