Market Commentary: Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment between Businesses

In the eyes of many people, can cryptocurrency be used as a form of payment?

One of the latest news, Ebay CEO said that they are open to the idea of accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Other than that, WeWork has already started utilizing cryptocurrency as a form of payment. They used a 3rd party service provider BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment service provider. WeWork will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, Paxos as well as several other cryptocurrencies as payment of its offerings. Additionally, WeWork also partners with Coinbase to expand and give users alternatives options to easily do transactions in and out.

If businesses around the world started to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, the number of networks of users and demand for crypto will keep on rising. Thus, cryptocurrency should be in a positive trend going forward. We hope that as cryptocurrency gets more utilized, our platform can provide crypto investment solutions where users can select a wide range of services such as BTC deposits staking Ethereum or other proof-of-stake tokens and enjoy earning interests on top of the capital gains

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