The Utility of TEN Tokens

The immense success of prominent cryptocurrencies and their blockchains has ignited the investment ambitions of many, which has led to what analysts today see as an economic bubble. Amidst this frenzy, it’s easy to overlook the utility of tokens, especially when the market value of digital assets easily fluctuates with speculative hypes.

To the untrained eyes, the value of these virtual currencies hinges proportionately on their price tag, taking little consideration of utility to create real-world impact like financial inclusion. Ease of access to products and services in a responsible and sustainable manner has always been a lofty dream that traditional infrastructure financing models could not achieve.

The rise of utility tokens like TEN Token (TEN) fills that gap by providing merchants and entrepreneurs with access to anyone looking to connect with alternative funding networks, in this case, through the Tokenomy Platform (TOKENOMY).

Trade now occurs on a global scale — across networks or cryptocurrency exchanges — expanding reach across various customer segments and making a strong case for digital tokens.

Enhanced security, transparency and accountability

TEN is built as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain, which essentially functions like a public ledger. The decentralized and open-source features of blockchain technology — along with high security encryption and crypto-ecosystems — enables businesses to connect directly with consumers in an open fashion, visible to all stakeholders.

Equal opportunities to source supporters

Blockchain, along with TOKENOMY’s token sale system, has grown to become a new standalone ecosystem that depends on fiat currency. Unique tokens can be easily generated through the Tokenomy platform, with the choice of using Ethereum or WAVES as its underlying technology. The ease of token generation gives merchants and entrepreneurs the opportunity to nurture their businesses by getting sponsored by supporters or future customers.

Incentivising customer loyalty

Finding the right mix of incentives to reward customer loyalty can be tricky due to the often inflexible nature of existing loyalty programmes. Through tokenization, loyalty points awarded in the form of TEN Token will have elevated utility across a network of participating merchants. This empowers customers to have greater flexibility in deciding what they wish to redeem, while merchants stand to benefit from cost-savings in marketing expenses incurred from customer outreach.

Token customisation

Supported by the many resources available to kick-start your business idea at TOKENOMY, customized tokens can open doors to endless possibilities. Such tokens can be generated for the purpose of fundraising with the option to accord token holders with certain privileges as a form of incentive.

Transition to secondary market

Upon completing the primary market stage, businesses will automatically upgrade to the secondary market, where tokens will be available for sale on TOKENOMY. Users wishing to collect specific tokens will be able to purchase them with TEN Tokens. Should the threshold be exceeded, new trading pairs consisting of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum will be launched. With over a pool of over a million users, INDODAX (previously known as will work closely with TOKENOMY to ensure an ample pool of supporters all year round.

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