A New Way of Crypto Investing: Dual Currency Deposit!

Exciting news for all crypto investors! 

Tokenomy is proudly introducing a short-term crypto investment opportunity with high yield to give you a maximized return of investment: Dual Currency Deposit (DCD) on Tokenomy Earn!

What are the benefits? 

  1. Deposit one type of asset, and receive a return of your investment via two different asset options. 
  2. No need to worry about the market volatility, because your return of investment will be adjusted based on the market condition. 
  3. Suitable for short-term investors. 
  4. Various crypto pairs to invest in. 
  5. High annualized yield of up to 100% p.a!

As an illustration, David would like to invest in a DCD product and selected the BTC/USDT pair. On 3 August 2021, David made 1 BTC deposit with a linked price of 50,000 USDT, 55% yield interest, and 2 days investment period. 

  • If the BTC price on the expiry date, which is 5 August 2021, is below 50,000 USDT, then David will receive his return of investment in BTC, with the calculation as below:
  • If the BTC price on 5 August 2021, is above/equal 50,000 USDT, then David will receive his return of investment in USDT, with the calculation as below:

This way, David can enjoy maximised return on his investment! 

How to invest in DCD?

  1. Log in to your Tokenomy Account
  2. Click “Earn” on your sidebar menu, then select the “Dual Currency Deposit” tab.
  3. Select the pair that you wish to invest in and click “Invest”. For example, the BTC/USDT pair.
  4. Select the product that you want to invest in.
  5. Fill in the Investment Amount.
  6. Once your selection is successful, you can check the product information on your portfolio.

Enjoy a new way of crypto investing with minimum risk, higher yield, and maximized return of investment! Try now!

Tim Tokenomy

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