A Quick Guide to SWIPE- Tokenomy’s latest launchpad project!

SWIPE IEO will open on Tokenomy Launchpad on 5th August and will end on 18th August! 

Get 10% bonus tokens when you purchase using TEN tokens (subject to the first 3,000,000 TEN)!

Swipe is now accepting IDK for the purchase of SWIPE tokens during the IEO!
Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, TEN, USDT, and IDK

Here’s a quick guide to SWIPE for you get to know more about the project before SWIPE’s IEO opens this coming August 5th!
  1. What is SWIPE Network?
    SWIPE Network is a Blockchain Infrastructure for Trustless Data Economy. It allows mobile app developers and users to monetize their data on the blockchain without compromising their user privacy. App developers can also obtain data from the network. The whole process is conducted through SWIPE blockchain platform without middleman and data intermediaries.
  2. Who are SWIPE’s data buyers?
    SWIPE’s B2B ecosystem includes data buyers ready to purchase data from mobile app users. SWIPE have ready data buyers and ready data sellers who will kickstart our data economy within months from our tokens listing. Data Buying partners include Performars, GMO Research (public listed company), Paneland and Acorn.
  3. Which other exchange will SWIPE be listed on other than on Tokenomy Exchange?
    SWIPE has been confirmed and will be listed on Binance DEX on late September 2019. Read more about the listing here
  4. Who is the team behind SWIPE Network?
    SWIPE Network’s core team has extensive experience working in MNCs such as IBM, Singtel, Telkomsel, NCS, Mckinsey, etc with backgrounds in computer science, AI, cognitive science, blockchain, cybersecurity, networking, process innovation and more.
  5. Who are the investors backing SWIPE Network?
    SWIPE is invested and advised by top blockchain Venture Capital Funds like Kenetic Capital, QCP Capital, TLDR Capital, Alphablocks and Onchain Capital. SWIPE also has globally recognised advisors and partnerships from the blockchain space including Digix, Kyber Network, AdEx and more.

For more information on SWIPE’s IEO, read here.

Head over to Tokenomy Launchpad and register for an account to participate in SWIPE’s upcoming IEO now! 

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