“Ask Me Anything” Session with AToken — Winners Announcement!

Hello Tokenomy Users,

Last Tuesday, we held our Tokenomy “Ask Me Anything” AMA Session together with AToken. During the event, we selected 25 lucky winners for our 200 USDT Airdrop campaign!

And the Winners Are…🎊

Top 5 Best Question Winners

  • idt***neur@gm***.com
  • anggie***wono@gm***.com
  • keong***cun@gm***.com
  • ptr***12@gm***.com
  • kadek***787@gm***.com

Top 20 Account Registration

  • knb***89@eo***.com
  • hft***79@zz***.com
  • dto***5@gm***.com
  • bua***57@zz***.com
  • utp***82@zz***.com
  • nasrul***smg@gm***.com
  • mte***24@zz***.com
  • brama***61@gm***.com
  • apriani***59@gm***.com
  • shreya***dah@gm***.com
  • jackl***83@gm***.com
  • anggie***wono@gm***.com
  • Mali***512@gm***.com
  • Divya***74@gm***.com
  • +628138****861
  • +628133****215
  • +62817****24
  • +628782****107
  • +628515****899
  • +628133****215

Congratulations to all winners! The 8 USDT Airdrop reward for each winner will be distributed to your AToken Wallet Address within 15 business days after this announcement.

We thank all members who have participated in the event. If you did not manage to win, don’t worry! TokenomyX Cashback Campaign is still ongoing till June 5th, 2020! Enjoy 50% Cashback for your first IDK deposit into TokenomyX account. Read more about it here.

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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