Blockchain Project Development with Tokenomy — Steps to success

Global token exchange and Blockchain Project Incubator

Beside a crypto-to-crypto exchange which focusing on Southeast Asia, Tokenomy allows anyone to create tokens, hold token sales on the platform and list the tokens on the exchange; virtually allowing people to access a new way to raise funds with an experienced team — 4 years of managing the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia ( and achieved exceptional growth in this area.

We invite startup entrepreneurs who have great ideas can now submit their token issuance applications through website

Tokenomy are trying to combat the challenges of undergoing a token sale so that more people, even those with minimal technical skills, will be able to do their own token sale.

Tokenomy’s aim is to create financial inclusion and provide access to anyone who wants to be connected with alternative funding networks and global innovation.

5 Steps to a Successful Initial Token Sale with Tokenomy:

1. Proposal Submission and Legality

Our legal team carefully reviews each proposal. The Proposal will be carefully audited by our legal team and specialists in specific areas before being published for public sale — provided that the proposal is proven to be legitimate.

2. Technology generating Token

Watch your dream come to life; you can change your concept into tokens easily. Issuer simply choose ETH/WAVES as based technology and other technical aspects will be handled by Tokenomy to generate Issuer’s token — fast, easy, error free

3. Publication and Marketing

Innovative social media platforms are used to market your idea. Maximum audience exposure, Tokenomy creates pre-set profile page — editable by issuer and social media Issuer’s token promotion.

4. Primary Market

Token selling directly via Tokenomy is simple, convenient and secure. Providing Platform to allow investor purchase Issuer’s token with TEN, BTC, ETH, Waves

5. Tokenomy Exchange

In partnerhsip with, all tokens can be traded by more than 1,000,000 members from day one. Providing Issuer’s token, a secondary market in Tokenomy Global Token Platform.

This is your dream. TOKENOMY turns it into reality

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Read our full white paper here

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