Bounty Contest Deadline Extension


Due to overwhelming response and participation, we have decided to extend our very first bounty contest for an additional week! In total, we have reached more than 6,000 users on Facebook and had made more than 12,000 impressions on Twitter.

Are you one of the top 80 conTENders listed on the scoreboard*?

*Automated and/or repetitive electronic submissions will be automatically be disqualified

Deadline extended to 5th October 2018

Good news for those of you who have yet to win a place on our scoreboard! Hope is not lost, here’s a bonus week for you to rally up your friends and families to help you scale up our leadership board!

Hurry on to RT+comment on twitter and share on FB!

For the strongest 80 conTENders already listed on our scoreboard, do not be complacent and continue spreading the word to secure your placing!


FB Scores = Likes*5 +Shares*10
Twitter Scores = Likes +Shares*5


🏆Rank 1–5: 200 TEN tokens each

🏆Rank 6–80: 50 TEN tokens each

Make sure to include #TokenomyFullLaunch and make your post/account public

Click to find out how to participate on Facebook and Twitter

Competition is heating up! Protect your rank this week or risk getting dethroned!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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