December 2022 Highlights!

Dear Tokenomy users,

December was an eventful month for Tokenomy. This month, we shared many educational videos that might satisfy your curiosity about crypto. We have also curated lots of exciting news articles about blockchain and crypto on social media.

Let’s check them out!

On Youtube

  1. Why Bitcoin PoW Mining is Good for the Environment – RECAP
  2. Differences Between Bitcoin and Ethereum 
  3. Decrypting the Crypto Economy – RECAP
  4. Bitcoin’s Real-World Use Cases
  5. Consensus Algorithms: The Root Of Blockchain Technology – RECAP

On Instagram

  1. Investors’ confidence in BTC and ETH potential rises despite the market’s negativity
  2. Fresh data that shows interest in institutional investors in crypto continues
  3. Recession fears outweigh soft inflation data
  4. and many more! 

Thanks for tuning in to Tokenomy’s December 2022 Highlights. Look out for more exciting events we have coming up in January 2023!  

Stay healthy, and stay tuned into social media for our latest updates. Happy New Year!


Thank you,

The Tokenomy Team

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