Earn a Passive Income of up to Millions of Rupiah with TokenomyX Affiliate Program!

Bonus up to 1.1%

We will give a bonus of up to 1.1% of every deposit made by referrals to their TokenomyX account.

Trading Commission up to 15%

We will give a commission of up to 15%/lot of your referralsā€™ total transactions clocked on their TokenomyX account.

Sub Affiliate Commission up to 5%

If your affiliate referrals refer other clients to TokenomyX, we will give an additional commission of up to 5%/lot made by your affiliate referralsā€™ clients without any commission limit. The greater your affiliate income, the greater the amount of commission you will get.Ā 

Real-Time Commission Report

We provide commission reports in real-time to help improve your performance. You can view your commission payout any time through the affiliate dashboard.

Unlimited Passive Income

We provide you with an unlimited commission payout. There is no limit on the commission amount you can receive from this affiliate program. As long as your referrals trade on TokenomyX, you will get a commission from every transaction made by your affiliate referrals and their clients.

24 Hours Commission Payment

We will pay out the commissions and deposit bonuses on a daily basis. Transactions made by your affiliate referrals and their clients will be accounted for and paid out daily.Ā 

24/7 Withdrawals

To provide you with greater convenience, you can withdraw commissions any time of the day, 7 days a week.


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