Earn Higher Interest Rates of up to 30% by Using Your Referral Code!

Exciting news from Tokenomy!

Did you know? Now you can invite your friends to become Tokenomy’s new members by sharing your Tokenomy referral code! Not only that, now both the referrer and the referee can earn benefits from Tokenomy’s Referral Program. Your friend who registered as a new user of Tokenomy can enjoy a higher yield of up to 30% on Tokenomy Earn’s Fixed Deposit products

Benefits as A Referrer

Here is how to get your referral link and/or code, and the benefits you can receive:

  1. Login to your Tokenomy account
  2. On sidebar menu, click “Settings”
  3. Click “Referral”, you will find your referral link and code as follows:
  4. Copy your referral link or code, and start sharing it with your friends!

When your friends’ account have been registered and verified as Tokenomy members, and they start making deposits on Tokenomy Earn’s Fixed Deposit products, here are the rewards you can earn:

Benefits as A Referee

To earn benefits as a referee, all you have to do is click your friend’s referral link, or input your friend’s referral code on Tokenomy’s registration page as follows: 

After you are registered and your account has been verified, you can start making deposits on Tokenomy Earn’s Fixed Deposit products, and earn a higher annualized interest rate of up to 30%! 

Spread the word, and start sharing your referral code now to enjoy more benefits from Tokenomy together with your friends! For more information, click here. Happy investing! 


Tokenomy Team

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