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Hi Tokenomy Community,

It has been 2 weeks running since Tokenomy finished the Initial Token Sale and listed on bitcoin.co.id — the Largest Digital Asset Exchange in Southeast Asia. We noticed many communities judging the success of TOKENOMY solely based on the market price of the TEN token in the past 2 weeks. We feel that this approach is incorrect and too short-term focused. Tokenomy is a long-term blockchain project that require time to build our applications based on our whitepaper. It’s not a product that can be built in 1–2 weeks. Just like how we build Bitcoin.co.id, this effort requires several years of hard work before the community can finally see its current success.

In the past 2 weeks, Tokenomy Team has made various preparations in accordance with the roadmap that we provide on the whitepaper, including setting up operational offices, recruiting team members, as well as building the Tokenomy infrastructure. Our team also travels to various countries to ensure Tokenomy gets international support when we have our global launch in the next few months. I am glad to say that Tokenomy has received support from various countries. We will share with you all the progress and milestones that we have achieved in the near future.

Tokenomy has two main products: Primary Market (Blockchain Project Incubator) and Secondary Market (Tokenomy Crypto Exchange)

Primary Market — We have been approached from various countries to start many Blockchain token campaigns on Tokenomy. Therefore, startup entrepreneurs who have great ideas can now submit their token issuance applications through tokenomy.com website. This is a first step for Tokenomy to launch our blockchain project incubator.

Secondary Market — Tokenomy Crypto-Token Exchange will support not only in the regional ASEAN market but also the International market. We will be part of the crypto exchange ecosystem globally. We have already prepared to host more than 10 token pairs to be traded on the Tokenomy Exchange at the time of our initial launch by May 2018.

We will keep you updated,


Oscar Darmawan
CEO of Tokenomy

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