February 2023 Highlights!

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Dear Tokenomy users,

February was an eventful month for Tokenomy. This month, we shared many educational videos that might satisfy your curiosity about crypto. We have also curated many exciting news articles about blockchain and crypto on social media.

Let’s check them out!

On Youtube

  1. Smart Contracts: 4 Reasons why we desperately need them – RECAP
  2. Crypto Safety and Scams
  3. Exploring the ERC20 Token Standard – RECAP
  4. The Long Crypto Winter: How did it happen and how to survive it 

On Instagram

  1. Good-but-not-great data fuels market rally
  2. Markets emerge unscathed from Central Bank super week
  3. FED-Loosening bets unwound, and crypto regulatory pressures build
  4. Inflation is hot, but crypto pumps
  5. and many more! 

On 26 February, we also launched our own social and environmental club called “HeartChain,” which started its first charity movement by visiting an orphanage in Tebet, Jakarta, and donating books, clothes, and toys for the children there. Join us to spread more love and help make HeartChain a continuous, never-ending Chain of Love.

Thanks for tuning in to Tokenomy’s February Highlights. Look out for more exciting events we have coming up in March!
Stay healthy, and stay tuned into our social media for the latest updates.

Thank you,
The Tokenomy Team

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