HARA Token (HART) on the Tokenomy Exchange Alternative Board

Dear Tokenomy Users,

Today we are excited to announce that HARA Token (HART) — Tokenomy’s own Launchpad project will be listed on the Alternative Board on March 27 2019, 2 PM (GMT +8)!

HARA Tokens (HART) will be distributed on March 25 2019, 10 AM (GMT+8) and HART wallet will be open at the same time.

All Pre-Sale contributions will have a lock-up period in the following format:
— 50% of the Pre-Sale main and bonus tokens will be distributed to users on March 25th 2019
— The remaining 50% of the Pre-Sale main and bonus tokens will be distributed to users one month after March 25th 2019, which is April 25th 2019

Supported trading pairs: HART/ETH

About HARA:

Hara Data Exchange is a blockchain-based application for food and agriculture industry build on top of permissioned ethereum network that facilitates transparent, accountable and secure data transactions between food and agricultural stakeholders. HARA token (HART) economics will reinforce a virtuous cycle that continues to grow the Hara ecosystem.

Don’t have a Tokenomy account yet? No worries. Simply visit Tokenomy Exchange now to sign up for free and start trading HART on 27th March 2019, 2PM (GMT +8)!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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