How to buy TEN in Indodax

Create an Account in Indodax

Please visit register. Enter your name, e-mail, username, password and your phone number. We will ask you to provide two phone numbers so we can still contact you when you lose your first one or when you wish to change your number. You may register using international phone number but please include your international dialling code. For example, if you are staying in Malaysia, use +60–3–2xxx xxxx, instead of 03–2xxx xxxx.

After you have registered and verified your email, you can trade Bitcoin with any other digital asset such as TEN free.

But in order to trade Bitcoin with Rupiah, you need to give us your full name, your ID card number (Passport), address, birthdate and birthplace, and also a close up picture of yourself and your ID.

For further information regarding the verification process in Indodax, visit ‘Verification’ on the sidebar menu.


1. Send your Bitcoin to Indodax

Visit Finance Menu and Click Deposit/Withdraw BTC, choose Accept Bitcoin and send your bitcoin to your address

2. Go to Spot Market Menu and choose TEN/BTC.

Indodax do not charge any trading fee in BTC Market.

Go to “Buy Tokenomy” Menu to purchase TEN

3. Send your TEN to your wallet

If you prefer to save TEN in your own wallet, Please go to “Deposit and Withdraw TEN” and choose Send Tokenomy

Enter your ERC20 wallet Address, and other information above, click send, wait for your confirmation email and TEN will be received in about 60 minutes on your account.


1. Deposit Rupiah to Indodax

a. Click ‘Finansial‘ menu, choose ‘Deposit/withdraw Rupiah‘.

b. Enter the amount of Rupiah you wish to trade to TEN. Choose what kind of method of payment do you want to use, for example through: vouchers, cash, wire transfer from any local bank, e-wallet, etc. Click ‘Continue’.

c. If you are choosing ‘Voucher’ as your deposit method, you can redeem your voucher code instantly. If you do not have your voucher yet, you may buy one in the amount you want through our partner exchangers. Just click on the ‘choose’ button on the right side of the page for further instructions.

d. If you wish to deposit Rupiah directly from the cash you have in hand, you can do it by going to the nearest Alfa minimart such as Alfamart or you may also do it through Sinarmas Bank. Click on the ‘choose’ button on the right side of the page for further instructions.

e. If you are choosing the wire transfer method, you need to choose the name of your bank and whether do you want to transfer funds via ATM, mobile or internet banking. Enter your bank account number and click ‘Continue’. Click on the ‘choose’ button on the right side of the page for further instructions.

f. After you transfer your funds, do not forget to fill in your ‘Deposit Confirmation’ transfer.

g. Please wait until our financial team validate your deposit. Your funds will show up in your balance in 1–3 hours during working hours.

2. Go to Spot Market and choose TEN/IDR

Please go to BUY TOKENOMY, Enter the Rupiah amount you want to use to buy TEN and your desired price. Click Confirmation to continue. Trading Platform (Trading App)

This mobile app is specifically created and designed to satisfy your digital asset trading needs. You can now access your’s account, make a buy or sell order TEN in, and also to check TEN market movement anytime and anywhere from your android phone. Click here for further information and download our trading app for free at Google Play Store!

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