IDK on Stellar Network!

Did you know?

The stablecoin IDK – a digital Indonesian Rupiah – is now on the Stellar blockchain network! Tokenomy supports IDK-Stellar on our platform, and this new version will not affect IDK-ERC20. You can still trade and/or invest in both of them on Tokenomy.

Changes to IDK Transaction Fees

Please note that from now on, the transaction fee on IDK-ERC20 is back to the normal rate, like other ERC20 tokens. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy FREE transaction fees on IDK-Stellar!

External Wallets for IDK-Stellar

To keep your IDK-Stellar safe, users have two options for external wallets: LOBSTR Wallet and SOLAR Wallet. Both are mobile wallet apps that you can easily access online via your smartphone.

Earn Profit from IDK-Stellar on Tokenomy

You can trade IDK-Stellar on our contract market, TokenomyX, or invest in IDK-Stellar on our Tokenomy Earn products: Fixed Deposit and Dual Currency Deposit.

Start trading and invest in IDK-Stellar now!


Tokenomy Team

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