Introducing XCard, coming to you soon on Tokenomy Launchpad

Dear Tokenomy Community,

We are very excited to announce Tokenomy will soon be launching a new project on Tokenomy Launchpad!

XCARD (MBM) — XCARD is a crypto&FIAT wallet and payment card which allows crypto-users to spend their crypto and FIAT assets instantly all around the world. Built-in internalizer — an arbitrage engine — provides users the best exchange rates available on the market. XCARD Wallet is combined with XCARD Biometric Credit Card, the most secure credit card for instant crypto withdrawal from any ATM. (one pager)

XCARD is a part of the Mobilum ecosystem which consists of a wallet, card, exchange & foundation API. All these features combined create a leading “any to any” instant payment platform and point of sale system that integrates crypto and fiat currencies with the most convenient payment methods — cards, wire transfers and wallet to wallet transactions. With XCARD you can pay or receive a payment, the buyer and seller decide which currency they use — independently.

Details Of XCARD’s Token Sale

  • Token: MBM
  • Token Price: 1 MBM = 0.1 USDT
  • Cap: 30,000,000 MBM
  • Tokens for Sales: BTC, ETH, TEN, USDT
  • Minimum Purchase: None
  • Period: 17 December 2018, 3 PM (GMT+8) — 14 January 2019 3 PM (GMT+8)
  • Bonus: Purchase using TEN and get a 10% bonus (up to 1000000 MBM)
  • Affiliate Bonus: None

To purchase MBM, simply
1. Register for a Tokenomy Account on 
Tokenomy Launchpad
2. Complete your user verification on Tokenomy (
3. Purchase MBM 

Head over to XCARD’s page on Tokenomy’s Launchpad to find out more!

Thank you, 
Tokenomy Team

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