June 2022 Highlights!

Dear Tokenomy users,

June was an eventful month for Tokenomy — here’s a quick recap!

  1. New Academy Videos!
    Episode 69: Crypto is now subject to tax in Indonesia 
    Episode 70: Bitcoin Prices: Past, Present, and Future
    Episode 71: The advantage of trading signals
  2. New Insights on Tokenomy Blog!
    In June, we published 3 Crypto Market Outlook articles to help traders analyze the market and reference trading signals. Read the latest article here
  3. Weekly Trading Analysis
    Starting June 2022, we have been posting trading analysis videos hosted by our professional traders every Thursday, to help you learn how to analyze market patterns. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of our latest videos. 
  4. We now maintain an insurance fund to cover 100% of our hot wallet!
    Good news! Tokenomy has now allocated an insurance fund to cover 100% of our Hot Wallet funds in the event of a cyber attack. Click here to learn how Tokenomy secures your funds.
  5. Get updated with the latest news about blockchain and crypto world
    This month we have curated many exciting news about blockchain and crypto on our social media, including Tether’s new stablecoin, 100,000 Cubans are using bitcoin in response to US sanctions, 1 in 10 households in Europe own crypto, and many more!


Thanks for tuning in to Tokenomy’s June 2022 Highlights. Look out for more exciting events we have upcoming in July!  


Stay healthy and stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates.

Thank you,

Tokenomy Team

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