NEW from Tokenomy: cryptocurrency backed loan!

Dear crypto enthusiasts,

Tokenomy proudly presents – our latest financial technology product – a cryptocurrency backed loan service: TOKENOMY LOAN!

Following the latest trend in the crypto world, Tokenomy is offering a financial solution that allows you to maintain ownership of your crypto assets while gaining access to the fiat money you require. Take up a fiat loan in rupiah or dollar instantly, without any background credit check or transaction fees!


Currently, the loan currencies you can borrow are USDT, USDC, IDK. The accepted collateral currencies at the moment are BTC, ETH, LTC, TEN, and USDT. With an LTV ratio of up to 60% and your crypto assets stored securely with a trusted institutional custodian, taking up a loan with Tokenomy can be comfortable and secure.Ā 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Tokenomy Loan to finance your dreams – fund your business, purchase properties, pay off your student loans, or even go on a vacation! Learn more about Tokenomy Loan here.


Tim Tokenomy

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