October 2022 Highlights!

Dear Tokenomy users,

October was an eventful month for Tokenomy — here’s a quick recap!

  1. New Assets on Earn’s Fixed Deposit!
    We are glad to inform you that new assets have been added to our Fixed Deposit products, such as DOT, TRX, LTC, XLM, and DAI. Click here to check our latest rates!
  2. New educational videos!
    Bitcoin Dominance Explained – RECAP
    Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin
    Is Bitcoin the Standard of Future Money? – RECAP
    Bitcoin’s Value and Its Relationship with Gold and Stocks
  3. Get updated with the latest news about Blockchain and the Crypto world.
    This month, we have curated many exciting news articles about Blockchain and Crypto on our social media. You may have read that Crypto is poised to be an alternative investment solution, Cryptocurrency faces headwinds amid strengthening dollar, Cryptocurrency price against global inflation, and many more! 
  4. The winners of the Indonesia Crypto Investor Survey 2022
    The Indonesia Crypto Investor Survey 2022 held by Indodax and Tokenomy has been successfully conducted. We have selected 20 lucky participants to win prizes  totalling 10 million rupiahs! Click here to see the list of winners.

Thanks for tuning in to Tokenomy’s October 2022 Highlights. Look out for more exciting events we have upcoming in November!


Stay healthy, and stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates.
Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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