Official Launch of Tokenomy Launchpad (BETA)

Tokenomy Launchpad (BETA) will be launching on August 20 2018 with PlayGame as our first project!

We are excited to announce that we will be officially launching Tokenomy Launchpad (BETA) on August 20 2018, 4PM (GMT +8).

Tokenomy Launchpad is a crowdfunding platform for blockchain projects. For entrepreneurs and existing businesses seeking to tokenize their assets, we provide an avenue where anyone can materialise their blockchain ideas.

Tokenomy Launchpad will be hosted on our Tokenomy Exchange Platform, where verified Tokenomy users will be able to back projects of their interest!

All users who wish to participate in projects on the Tokenomy Launchpad will have to go through user verification.
As a verified user, your daily withdrawal limit for your Tokenomy wallet will be automatically raised from 1 BTC to 10 BTC.

PlayGame is Tokenomy’s first launchpad project and will soon be launching its Token Sale on September 10 2018, 4PM (GMT+8).

We have recently announced the details of PlayGame’s Token Sale, please read here for more information.

Summary Table for the Details of PlayGame’s Token Sale

How to participate in PlayGame’s Token Sale

PlayGame’s Token Sale will take place on Tokenomy’s Launchpad Platform, hosted on Tokenomy Exchange. Registration for user verification to take part in PlayGame’s Token Sale will start on August 20 2018, 4PM (GMT +8).

To participate in PlayGame’s Token Sale:

1. Go to Tokenomy Exchange at and Login/Register for a Tokenomy Exchange Account.

2. All Tokenomy users are required to do a user verification before you are allowed to take part in PlayGame’s Token Sale.

3. Once you are on the Tokenomy Exchange Platform, click on the “Launchpad” Tab > “Dashboard” > “PlayGame” > “Buy PXG” to purchase PlayGame (PXG) Tokens. You may purchase PXG tokens using BTC / ETH / TEN tokens.

When and How will My PXG Tokens be distributed?

All tokens will be distributed on October 29 2018 into your Tokenomy Wallet that is held on your Tokenomy Exchange Account.


PlayGame’s Token Sale starts on September 10 2018, 4PM (GMT+8).Registration for PlayGame’s Token Sale will begin on August 20 2018, 4PM (GMT +8).

From August 20 2018, 4PM (GMT +8) onwards, head on to Tokenomy Exchange to register for a Tokenomy account to take part in PlayGame’s project!

To learn more about PlayGame, read PlayGame’s white paper here or visit

For more details on PlayGame’s Token Sale, go to

Once again, we thank the Tokenomy Community for your generous support without which, the successful launch of our Tokenomy Launchpad (BETA) would not have been possible!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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