May 2021 Highlights!

May was yet another month full of exciting events for Tokenomy. Read on to find out what has been going on!

Highlights of the Month

Video Academy 

Academy Videos

Episode 44: What They Say about Tokenomy Earn
Let’s hear what they have to say about Tokenomy Earn in this episode! 

Episode 45: Fun Talk with LYFE, HNST, and VEX

In this episode, we have a fun and casual chat with the founders of LYFE, HNST, and VEX!

TokenomyX “DEMO” Trading Competition II

TokenomyX “Demo” Trading Competition II has started on 25 May 2021. We wish all registered traders best of luck to win the total prize of 30 million rupiah!

Read more about the competition rules and prizes here

Cybersecurity Matters: Keeping your cryptocurrency secure

As a follow up to our recent video interview with Tokenomy CTO, Rick Behl (Episode 42: Relax, your funds are safe with Tokenomy), we have prepared this article to help users learn how to keep their private online data secure. Read the full article here.

Ask Me Anything – with Christian Hsieh and Oscar Darmawan

As a follow up to our recent video interview with CEO of Tokenomy, Christian Hsieh (Episode 43: Brighter Future with Tokenomy), we held an “Ask Me Anything” session with our CEO, Christian Hsieh and our CMO, Oscar Darmawan. We thank all members who have participated in this event!


We have come to the end of Tokenomy’s May 2021 Highlights. Please look forward to more exciting events we have upcoming in June! Stay healthy, and stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates.


Thank you,

Tokenomy Team

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