Tokenomy February 2021 Highlights

In February, Tokenomy organized many fun and exciting events. Let’s see what events took place this month!

Highlights of The Month!

Academy videos
Episode 38: Grow your money without doing anything? YES YOU CAN!

In this episode, we learn how to be productive with our money with Tokenomy Earn.

Episode 39: Saving in TOKENOMY EARN or in a BANK??

Let’s compare the benefits of saving our money in Tokenomy Earn versus saving it in the Bank.

Live Discussion and Webinar
Live Discussion: Tokenomy ft. Indodax

Business Talk: Tokenomy ft. MTITRADES

Live Trading: Road to TokenomyX Demo Trading Contest

Tokenomy Earn Festival

To celebrate Tokenomy Earn’s official launch, we are holding a Lucky Draw program with a total prize of 25 million rupiahs! Event period: 28th of January — 28th of March 2021. Click here for more details. Start earning now!

TokenomyX Demo Trading Contest

Are you longing for a thrilling trading event?
If you are, then you are surely going to love our TokenomyX Demo Trading Contest! It is time to show off your trading skill and win amazing prizes at the same time! Click here for more information.

Cryptocurrency Investor Survey 2021 — And the winners are…
Tokenomy, in collaboration with Indodax, conducted the 2021 Cryptocurrency investors Survey. We would like to thank all 21.052 respondents who have participated in this survey. Here are the 20 lucky winners who won a total prize of 10 million rupiahs:

Congratulations to all winners!

Fixed-income investment opportunities in the crypto market












This paper highlights the emerging fixed income investment opportunities in the crypto market. We take a closer look at different yield earning options created by increased activity of lending and borrowing in cryptocurrencies, in both centralized and decentralized networks. Click here to read the full article.

This is the end of Tokenomy’s February Highlights! Stay healthy, and stay tuned to our social media for the latest updates.


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