Swap Assets Instantly in Tokenomy Exchange!

Dear Tokenomy users,

To prove our commitment to becoming a one stop service crypto investment platform, we are excited to inform you that now you are able to swap your assets instantly on Tokenomy Exchange!

Enjoy swapping between your favourite crypto assets instantly, more easily, and free of transaction fees!Ā 

How to swap assets on Tokenomy Exchange:

  1. Login to your Tokenomy account.Ā 
  2. On the Tokenomy dashboard, click “Exchange” on the sidebar menu.
  3. Click the “Basic” button on the top right of your screen to swap your crypto assets instantly!
  4. Input the amount of asset and the type of asset you want to swap, and you’re done! There are currently 29 asset choices (and more to come in the future) available to swap on the Tokenomy Exchange.

Tokenomy partners with reputable and licensed third party service providers around the world to offer compelling rates for you. No additional transaction fee will be charged for every coin/token you swap.

However, if you prefer to trade your assets using Limit Order, simply click the “Advanced” button on the top right corner. So easy!

Start swapping your assets in the Tokenomy Exchange now!


Tokenomy Team

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