Tokenomy 2020 Highlights

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Dear Tokenomy Users,

As 2020 come to a close, another memorable year despite Covid-19 has come to an end. As such, we would like to take this time to highlight our accomplishments for the year!

As gratitude for your trust and support, we have rewarded our dedicated members with amazing prizes through many exciting events such as:

  1. TokenomyX Beta Test: total prize of Rp. 50,000,000,-
  2. Giveaway events on TokenomyX Webinars and all social media of Tokenomy: Rp. 11,500,000,-
  3. TokenomyX 50% Cashback event: total cashback bonus of Rp 15,000,000,-
  4. TokenomyX Trading Competition: total prize of Rp 2,600,000,-

Congratulations to all Tokenomy members who have won a total prize of Rp. 78,100,000,- in 2020!


After going through tests and reviews, we finally launched our new product in 2020, a derivatives trading platform where you can trade in both directions (Buy/Long and Sell/Short): TokenomyX. You can also earn passive income by joining TokenomyX Affiliate Program, up to 3 tiers! Read more about it here.

Tokenomy Earn

We understand that crypto is a new class of asset and not everyone can or has the time to trade crypto. So we made a breakthrough and found you a new way to earn profits through crypto: Tokenomy Earn. Simply deposit your crypto assets and save them for some period of time, and you can earn annualized yield interests up to 12%!

No need to master a trading skill, or spend a lot of time monitoring the market price, just a few clicks and you’re done. Earning money can never be this easy! Click here to read more about Earn.

Tokenomy Academy Videos and Webinars

In 2020, we published 24 Tokenomy Academy videos and held 22 Webinars, to help you to have a better understanding of crypto trading, so you can earn more profits with Tokenomy!

Stay tuned to our social media to get the registration link for the next Webinar, and subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get the latest academy video!

Tokenomy Exchange

In collaboration with IntoTheBlock, Tokenomy launched a new feature on Tokenomy Exchange for you to easily analyze the crypto markets. With real-time indicators and signals from market intelligence, analyzing price movement will be faster and more effective. No more manual analysis! Read on how to use this feature here.

In order to give you a better trading experience, we also reviewed our platforms periodically and delisted trading pairs, and listed new trading pairs of your interest. Check out the updated trading pairs on our exchange now!

TEN Token and TEN Holder

In May 2020, TEN Token has integrated into a multi-digital asset wallet built by a former development core team of Huobi exchange wallet, that supports multi-currency storage, access to third-party Apps, and currency exchange, called the Atoken Wallet! Read more about it here.

In UNISWAP, you are able to swap TEN Token with any ERC20 Tokens, and you can also be a TEN Liquidity Provider! Click here to find out what are the benefits.

In collaboration with a new DeFi experiment project called Tadpole Finance, we have distributed 200,000 TAD Tokens equivalent to $ 1,5 million in value to TEN Holders, through Tadpole’s Genesis Mining Program. Congratulations and thank you to all TEN Holders!

That is all for our highlights in 2020!
2021 is going to be yet another exciting year ‚ÄĒ stay tuned and look forward to our upcoming events!

We wish you all the best in the New Year!

Tokenomy Team

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