Tokenomy April 2021 Highlights

Last month, Tokenomy organized many fun and exciting events. Let’s take a look at what were the events that took place in April 2021!

Highlights of the Month

Academy Videos

Episode 42: Don’t worry, your funds are safe with Tokenomy (Ft: CTO of Tokenomy)

In this video, we discussed security matters with Rick Behl, the CTO of Tokenomy.


Episode 43: Brighter future with Tokenomy! (Ft: CEO of Tokenomy)

In this episode, we discussed the future plans for Tokenomy with Christian Hsieh, the CEO of Tokenomy.

Live Discussion & Webinars

Tokenomy Earn Festival Winners Announcement

Tokenomy Earn Festival ended on 28 March 2021, and the Lucky Draw Winners were announced on 7 April 2021 at 7 p.m Western Indonesian Time (UTC +7), via Youtube Live streaming. Congratulations to all our lucky winners

TokenomyX Account Demo Trading Contest Winners Announcement

TokenomyX Demo Trading Contest ended on 1 April 2021. We would like to thank all members who have participated in this event. Congratulations to all winners!

Cryptopia Film – Bahasa Indonesia version

Tokenomy and Indodax, proudly present, a documentary film by Torsten Hoffmann: CRYPTOPIA – BITCOIN, BLOCKCHAINS AND THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET in Bahasa Indonesia. To celebrate this film release, you can give a review of the film and participate in our IDK airdrop that has a total prize value of 10 MILLION RUPIAH for 20 lucky winners! Read more on how to join this event here.

TokenomyX Demo Team Battle!

Who’s up for a new challenge?

No need to spend any money! Just gather your trader fellows, form your dream team, and join our TokenomyX Demo Team Battle to win a total prize of 20 million rupiah! Read the details here.

2021 Indonesia Cryptocurrency Investor Report

Tokenomy is excited to bring to you insights about the cryptocurrency investment climate in Indonesia through our  2021 Indonesia Cryptocurrency Investor Report. This survey collected feedback from 21,052 users of Tokenomy and Indodax. The report is delivered in three different sections:

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