Tokenomy at the 2018 Hybrid Summit!

Dear Tokenomy Community,

Over the weekend at the Hybrid Summit, Tokenomy was given the privilege to showcase our thought leadership in Blockchain, influenced by our team’s strong background in traditional finance.

Here’s Chris Chien, Vice President of Tokenomy, as the moderator for the panel discussion on Blockchain, the Future of Finance.

With more than 2000+ attendees at the summit, Tokenomy connected with blockchain projects, VCs and blockchain experts from all over the world to expand our network.

Check out some images from Tokenomy’s journey at the Hybrid Summit below!

Team Tokenomy (from left): Business Analyst Poh Hou Sheng, CMO Oscar Darmawan, VP (Business Development) Christopher Chien and VP (Operations) Ken Chia.
Tokenomy with PlayGame

Wondering why Tokenomy and PlayGame are pictured together..?

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