Tokenomy August Highlights!

August was yet another month full of exciting events that took place over at Tokenomy. Read on and find out what’s been going on!

Highlights of the Month!
Introducing Our New Logo!

This month, we introduced our New Tokenomy Logo! As Tokenomy continues to grow, we are updating our brand identity to remain in line with our innovative spirit.

One of the more subtle but significant changes include the 10 dots in our hexagonal logo, which symbolises our TEN token and its increasing interconnectivity and integration in the token economy.


Tokenomy Mobile App is now available on Android!

Trade on the Go!
Download Tokeomy Mobile App from the Google Play Store!


PlaywithTEN PlayGame Competition has successfully concluded! And the 4 winners Are… 🎉

Last month, we launched PlaywithTEN Competition in collaboration with PlayGame. Our PlaywithTEN competition invited Tokenomy members to play a simple and fun game — Katana’s Fruit in order to stand a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Winners have been announced! If you missed it, check out the announcement here!

New Listing on Tokenomy Exchange!

Tokenomy Exchange now supports a new trading pair — USDT/IDK!
Start trading now!

PERLIN (PERL) is listed on Tokenomy Exchange and Tokenomy members are able to trade PERL now!

Supported trading pairs: PERL/BTC (Start Trading Now)


SWIPE Token Sale SOLD OUT, reaching Hard Cap! 

SWIPE Token Sale has concluded successfully, reaching its IEO Hard Cap! Congratulations to SWIPE Network once again for selling out 375,000,000 SWIPE Tokens during the sale period!

SWIPE/BTC trading pair is now LIVE on Tokenomy Exchange.
Start trading now!

Telegram (GRAM)’s Token Sale on Tokenomy Launchpad has concluded!

This month, Tokenomy partnered with Gram Asia to bring the exclusive GRAM token sale to our Tokenomy users on Tokenomy Launchpad!

Telegram (GRAM)’s Token Sale has now concluded! Tokenomy users who have purchased the GRAM tokens can look forward to trading fGRAM Tokens — the future claims of GRAM Tokens on Tokenomy Launchpad starting from 2 September 2019.


Ongoing and Upcoming Events
SWIPE Trading Contest has begun!

Win up to 300,000 SWIPE by participating in SWIPE’s Trading Contests!
Find out how here!

Trade the future claims of GRAM Tokens — fGRAM Tokens Starting 2 September 2019!

Following the end of the GRAM Token Sale on Aug 30 2019 4 PM SGT, Tokenomy users will receive 1 fGRAM token for every GRAM token purchased during the sale.

fGRAM tokens represents the future claim of the GRAM Tokens purchased during the GRAM token sale on Tokenomy Exchange

The fGRAM tokens will be available for trading on Tokenomy Exchange from 2 September 2019 3 PM SGT until the delivery of 1st Tranche of GRAM tokens (estimated to be 31 January 2020).

Read the details here!

Block Community is Back!

Block Community: Gathering Indonesian Blockchain Pioneers is back, and we will be having a full-day event in Surabaya on 7th September 2019.

This event will feature many notable speakers representing a wide variety of blockchain projects.

We will be exploring various blockchain and crypto-related topics via panel discussions and open dialogue.

Read the details here!

And that’s it for now! Thanks for tuning to this month’s updates!

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