Tokenomy is now ISO 27001:2013 certified!

We proudly announce that after successfully conducting internal and external audits in the security management system, Tokenomy is certified with the ISO 27001:2013 standard on 25 July 2022!

ISO is an international organization that sets the global security standard, and ISO 27001 explicitly establishes a company’s information security standardization regarding sensitive/classified information management, IT system, and HR process.

With the issuance of this ISO 27001, Tokenomy (operated under Tennet Technologies Inc.) proves that information security is our top priority. Here are what we have applied: 

  • All users’ data is protected by the international standard for security systems.
  • Robust risk management and periodic evaluation.
  • All internal systems are compliant with the highest standard for information security.
  • Every employee of Tokenomy always prioritizes information security and safety procedures.
  • All businesses are operated by international standards in the fields of IT, HR, services, and information processes.

The ISO 27001 certification proves our dedication and commitment to securing your data. Now you can transact and invest in Tokenomy safely and comfortably. 

You can see our ISO 27001 certificate here.

About Tokenomy

Tokenomy is a licensed crypto investment platform that offers a wide range of crypto-based financial services. At Tokenomy, you can invest in different crypto assets through various ways such as fixed deposit, staking, dual currency deposit, loan product, and trade on the spot/futures market.

Security Infrastructure 

  • We place zero trust in any single authorized individual, and instead rely on proven and dependable system frameworks 
  • Website data is transmitted over encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (i.e. HTTPS)
  • Internal applications have highest level access controls and are never exposed to the public internet
  • Bug bounty programs leverage the broader security community to constantly evaluate potential threats
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) in place to ensure 24/7 operation of all Tokenomy platforms
  • Rate limiting to prevent DDoS attacks

Asset Custody Solutions 

  • All crypto assets on Tokenomy platform enjoy the benefits of our underlying custody systems, which employ a blend of completely offline & air-gapped cold storage solutions to MPC and HSM-based wallet infrastructure. Our platform provides institutional-grade security with decentralization of control over assets ⏤ ensuring no single point of failure
  • We minimize crypto wallets that connect to the Internet (hot wallets) and maintain an insurance fund to cover 100% of the hot wallet balance if a cyber attack were to take place on our platform.

Information Security

  • All sensitive user account information in our databases is encrypted. Access to user data is strictly limited to key staff on need-to-know basis only.
  • For further details, please review our Privacy Policy

Internal Controls

  • All employees are subject to ongoing criminal, security and credit background checks throughout their employment
  • All remote access of funds require physical human authentication via hardware tokens.

Tokenomy is a collaborating partner of Indodax, a regulated digital asset exchange under Bappebti – the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency under the Indonesia Ministry of Trade. Tokenomy also holds a money broker license approved to conduct digital financial services under the Labuan Financial Services Authority in Malaysia.

Visit to check our latest offerings and further information about Tokenomy, or contact us at if you have any questions.

Tokenomy Team

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