Tokenomy January Highlights

January was yet another month full of exciting events for Tokenomy. Read on and find out what has been going on!

Highlights of The Month!
TokenomyX Beta Trading Competition

TokenomyX Beta Test has already begun! Mark your calendar:

  • Start : 6th of January 2020 at 3 pm SGT (GMT+8)
  • End : 19th of February 2020 at 3 pm SGT (GMT+8)

By registering for an account on Tokenomy, you can enjoy the new way of crypto trading through TokenomyX Beta. You can also join the trading contest and win a total prize of 50,000 IDK! Join now and don’t miss it!

Read the details here.

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Tokenomy Academy

Episode 12: TokenomyX — A long awaited episode: TokenomyX! In this episode, you will learn about the features in TokenomyX, and how to trade in TokenomyX through a short tutorial.

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Episode 13: Differences Between TokenomyX with Stocks, Futures, and Binary Option – Let’s learn the differences between TokenomyX with other trading instruments here.

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Episode 14: When to Place Long and Short Trade – Here we can learn how to read market patterns using candlestick analysis!

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Node Version Has Been Upgraded

Tokenomy has upgraded our Ethereum Node to the latest version 1.9.9 to support the upcoming hard fork, Muir Glacier, which will happen on block number 9,200,000.

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