Tokenomy March 2020 Highlights

Read on and find out what’s been going on for Tokenomy in the month of March!

Highlights of The Month!
Delisting of Trading Pairs

After a periodic review of the trading pairs listed on Tokenomy, we have delisted the following trading pairs as of 11 March 2020:


Read the announcement here.

New Trading Pair on Tokenomy Exchange: TEN/IDK

As of 9 March 2020, TEN/IDK has been listed on Tokenomy Exchange!

Read more here.

TokenomyX Version Update and Earn with TokenomyX Affiliate Program!

Calling all traders to sign up for the latest version of our TokenomyX Beta!

TokenomyX Beta has recently been updated to allow you to trade real assets on Tokenomy X!

The available trading pairs are BTC/IDK and BTC/USDT.

Already a user? Join our TokenomyX affiliate program and earn more!

Learn more here.

New Tokens Listing on Tokenomy Exchange — MKR and DAI

On 26 March 2020, MKR and DAI were listed on Tokenomy Exchange!

Supported trading pairs:


Read more here.

Migration of HART/ETH to HART/IDK

HART/ETH market has been migrated to the HART/IDK market on 27 March 2020.

Start trading the HART/IDK trading pair now!

Video Tokenomy Academy

Episode 16: What They Say About TokenomyX — Watch the testimonials given by the winners of the TokenomyX Beta Trading Competition!

Episode 17: MKR and DAI — In this episode, we learn about two tokens that have a unique mechanism to maintain its stability!

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