Tokenomy May Highlights 2019

Below are some of our highlights and key developments since our Tokenomy April Highlights.


Highlights of the Month:

1. BlockJakarta

Tokenomy COO Ken Chia at BlockJakarta

BlockJakarta brought together over 300 participants for a day-long conference exploring the opportunities and challenges in Blockchain technology.

We hosted our own booth, educating others about Tokenomy’s value, and Ken Chia sat in on a panel discussion highlighting trends in crypto adoption throughout Indonesia.

2. PlayGame Partnership

PlayGame (PXG), the first blockchain-based digital game arcade in Indonesia, started as a successful ICO through Tokenomy Launchpad back in September 2018.

Our recently launched partnership with PlayGame further streamlines the gaming process— TEN tokens are now accepted as payment for competition registration and prize pool currency.

It is simple to purchase TEN tokens! They are available through a variety of channels including retail stores and E-banking.

For more details and examples on how to buy TEN tokens, please refer to this informative article!

3. Mobile Friendly Display

We recognize and appreciate that many of our users visit our platform via mobile devices  —  we are excited to share that the Tokenomy Exchange interface is now optimized for mobile!

Try it out yourself on the Tokenomy Exchange!

4. TEN Token Statistics

As a platform and community, we have made significant progress in our journey so far! We would like to share some statistics on TEN, our native token:

  • Total TEN Token Holders: 42,000
  • TEN Average Daily Trading Volume: $223,228
  • TEN May Trading Volume: $5,580,702

Ongoing Events

FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition

The FlywithTEN PlayGame Competition just kicked off a few days ago, celebrating our recent partnership with PlayGame! Use your TEN tokens to pilot FloppyBird to a high score and stand a chance at winning great prizes.

It is easy to join:

  1. Visit the game link here and click on competitions
  2. Select Fly with TEN
  3. Contribute 1 TEN token into the prize pool as a registration fee and enjoy!

Top Score Rewards

  • Winner: 1 gram of Gold

Participation Rewards

  • Lucky winner #1: 2 grams of Gold
  • Lucky winner #2: 1 gram of Gold
  • Lucky winner #3: 1 gram of Gold

View the full press release and contest details here.

Tokenomy Charity

We have partnered with Kitabisa, one of Indonesia’s largest crowdfunding platforms for social initiatives, to roll out this exciting new feature!

Through Tokenomy Charity, you can practise philanthropy and make donations to causes that you care about using cryptocurrencies of your choice (TEN, BTC, ETH, or USDT).

We will kick off this partnership with two projects: IT Islamic Boarding School and Javier’s Treatment.

Read more about the projects in detail here, and start using this new feature on our website.

Indodax’s Community Coin Voting 9

In collaboration with Tokenomy, Indodax is holding a Community Coin Voting 9 event, where attractive prizes will be up for grabs! Stand a chance to win Honda Beat Pop eSP and Total 10 million Rupiah of Vouchers for 100 winners by voting for your favourite coin on Indodax using TEN!

For more information, please visit here!

About Indodax: Indodax (formerly known as, Tokenomy’s affiliated company in Indonesia, has become one the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and has a shared login with Tokenomy Exchange. 

Happy Eid Mubarak 1440H

Tokenomy team wishes you and all Tokenomy members a Happy Eid Mubarak 1440 H. May the day delight and the moments measure all the special joys for all of you to treasure, May the year ahead be fruitful too, for your home family and especially for you all.

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