Tokenomy Tshirt to 200 Lucky voters


Tokenomy team would like to THANK ALL Tokenomy members who have participated in the KuCoin voting contest. We have had an overwhelming response based on our google forms with over 3000 submissions.

Tokenomy was ranked 8th out of hundreds of participating projects upon the polls closing and this reflects our strong and supportive community! We will continue to do our best in building Tokenomy to become a global platform and meet the expectations of our community!

In appreciation and to express our sincere gratitude, we would like to give out Tokenomy T-shirts merchandise to 200 lucky voters on top of our 100,000 TEN stake ‚ÄĒif we win this competition (ongoing). An email would be send to your Indodax email with further instructions to the 200 winners today.

Once again, thank you for your undying and continued support and we look forward to sharing with you great news in the coming weeks!

Selamat Pagi Tokenomy Community!

Tim Tokenomy mengucapkan terima kasih kepada seluruh member Tokenomy yang telah berpartisipasi dalam kontes voting KuCoin.
Kami telah mendapatkan respond luar biasa berdasarkan masuknya formulir Google kami dengan lebih dari 3000 kiriman.

Tokenomy berada di peringkat ke-8 dari ratusan peserta yang berpartisipasi dan ini menunjukkan bahwa kami memiliki komunitas yang sangat kuat dan saling mendukung!

Kami akan selalu mencoba yang terbaik dalam membangun Tokenomy untuk menjadi platform global dan memenuhi harapan setiap anggota dalam komunitas ini!

Sebagai ucapan terima kasih dari Tim Tokenomy. Kami akan membagikan Kaos Tokenomy kepada 200 peserta voting yang beruntung disamping 100.000 TEN yang akan dibagikan apabila Tokenomy memenangkan kompetisi ini. Kami akan mengirim email ke email Indodax kepada pemenang voting hari ini.

Sekali lagi, terima kasih atas dukungan Anda dan Kami akan memberikan kabar baik yang dapat dibagikan kepada Anda dalam beberapa minggu mendatang!

If you need more information feel free to reach us!

Stay in touch for more announcements

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Tokenomy Telegram Group english & bahasa

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

Risk warning: Tokenomy does not provide any investment, financial, accounting, valuation, tax, legal or other professional advice. All decisions to buy, sell or trade any Digital Asset using the Services are made solely by you, and you are fully responsible for all such decisions

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