UPDATE: Tokenomy Will Support SWIPE Token Migration to BinanceĀ Chain

IMPORTANT: Update as of 11th of October 2019, 3 pm SGT (GMT +8)

Dear Tokenomy Users,

SWIPE has recently announced that their partnership with Binance and will soon become part of the Binance Chain ecosystem. Right now, all SWIPE tokens that have been distributed, traded on exchanges and in SWIPE Datavault are in ERC-20.

However, Binance DEX is exclusive for tokens that are in the BEP-2 Chain. In order to convert your ERC-20 tokens to BEP-2 tokens, you will have to store them on your Tokenomy account.

Tokenomy is happy to announce that we will be supporting the upcoming SWIPE Token migration to BEP-2 token on the BinanceĀ Chain.

During the migration, Tokenomy will temporarily suspend deposit/withdrawal of SWIPE.

Key Information To Take NoteĀ Of:
  • Suspension date for deposits and withdrawals of SWIPE: from 18th of October 2019, 3PM (GMT +8)
  • However, you will be able to continue trading SWIPE on Tokenomy Exchange.
  • Users will be notified of the reopening of deposits and withdrawals services for SWIPE in a separate announcement after migration has been completed.

We will make a further announcement once the migration is complete. Do check our social media channels and blog post for updates or email support@tokenomy.com for questions!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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