TokenomyX Alpha Test has ended. Congratulations to the Winners!

TokenomyX Alpha Test has ended on 4th of December 2019 at 3 p.m. SGT (GMT +8). We thank all the Alpha Testers for participating and helping us to ensure the success of our new project. As promised, here are the winners who will bring home a total prize of 50,000 IDK!

Winner Categories and Prize:
Top 10 Traders (with the highest assets value)
  • 1st Winner: 10,000 IDK
  • 2nd Winner: 5,000 IDK
  • 3rd Winner: 3,000 IDK
  • 4th – 10th Winners: 1,000 IDK each
Top 10 Feedback
  • Each winner will get 2,000 IDK
10 Lucky Draw Winners
  • Each winner will get 500 IDK


And the Winners are…
Top 10 Traders :
  • 1st Winner: smxif***
  • 2nd Winner: deo****
  • 3rd Winner: lexs***
  • 4th Winner: alvin***
  • 5th Winner: hokky***
  • 6th Winner: pabric_***
  • 7th Winner: sulung***
  • 8th Winner: tintami***
  • 9th Winner: iyut**
  • 10th Winner: wahyanto****
Top 10 Feedback :
  • Blacknight Shade (read the feedback here)
  • Hafidz (read the feedback here)
  • Akionghy (read the feedback here)
  • Dave_Lee (read the feedback here)
  • Handed (read the feedback here)
  • Metsho (read the feedback here)
  • Yoga (read the feedback here)
  • Badman (read the feedback here)
  • oyogiggs (read the feedback here)
  • AdinPras (read the feedback here)
10 Lucky Draw Winners :
  • frenky_as****
  • hafid***
  • sutanto***
  • albertus.y***
  • pieters***
  • oja.***
  • dompetbe****
  • edi.i***
  • dimzpur****

Congratulations to all winners! For Top 10 Feedback Winners, please check your inbox in Forum to claim your prize. All rewards will be distributed 1 week after this announcement.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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