In celebration of TokenomyX Full Launch, we are thrilled to announce that Tokenomy will be giving away 50% Cashback for your first IDK deposit into TokenomyX account!
Terms and Condition:
  1. The 50% cashback amount will be based on the IDK amount deposited in your TokenomyX account during this campaign period.
  2. This campaign will last for 1 month, starting from May 5th — June 5th, 2020.
  3. Minimum deposit: 5,000 IDK
  4. Maximum cashback: 15,000 IDK
  5. The cashback bonus can be withdrawn once your transaction volume has hit 3 times the cashback amount.
  6. Only closed transactions will be eligible for the cashback. Hedging is not included.
  7. Withdrawals or internal transfers done after the deposit but before the required transaction volume is achieved will result in loss of the cashback bonus.
  8. TokenomyX reserves the right to disqualify an account that violates the terms and conditions.
  9. TokenomyX reserves the right to disqualify any user who is caught cheating.
  10. If your balance falls below 0, the cashback amount will be lost automatically, and this will cause a margin call that can trigger a stop out.
  11. The cashback bonus cannot be transferred between trading accounts unless the account has reached the required transaction size.

To help you understand better, you can read on the scenario as below:


Damian makes a 5,000 IDK deposit.
2,500 IDK in cashback bonus will be added to his account, which can be seen on “Deposit Bonus” tab on “Assets Center” menu.

The 2,500 IDK cashback bonus can be withdrawn once Damian reaches a total transaction volume of 7,500 (which is 3X the cashback bonus).
If Damian withdraws any amount from his account before this transaction volume is reached, he will lose the cashback bonus automatically.

This cashback bonus will also be lost when Damian suffers loss more than 5,000 IDK (deposit amount), and his account will be stopped out.

Assuming Damian reaches 7,500 in terms of total transaction volume, and if he profits 5,000 IDK during this period, his total account balance will be 10,000 IDK.
Damian will then be able to withdraw a total of 12,500 IDK (10,000 IDK in deposit+profit + 2,500 IDK in cashback bonus).

Fascinating, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Register an account now and start trading in TokenomyX!

Tokenomy Team

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