Updates for DAEX’s Public Sale !

Extension of DAEX Public Sale, Bonus DAX Tokens and DAX Tokens distribution Date!

Dear Tokenomy Users,

We recently announced that Tokenomy is one of the official supporter of DAEX’s Public Sale.

Here we have some updates regarding the ongoing DAEX’s Public Sale:

DAEX Public Sale will be extending till September 14 2018

Great news! DAEX Public Sale has been extended till September 14. You now have more time to head over to Tokenomy to purchase DAX Tokens.

Get more DAX Tokens when you buy using TEN!

DAX Tokens can be bought using USDT or TEN. 10% bonus will be awarded if you choose to buy using TEN*!

  • 1 DAX = 0.07 USDT

*Limited to 30% of the total target raise (previously 10%)

When will you receive your DAX tokens?

  • September 16 — DAX Tokens will be automatically transferred into your Tokenomy Wallet
  • October 14 — Bonus DAX Tokens will be issued on this date if you bought DAX Tokens using TEN*

Only 8 more days left to the end of DAEX Public Sale. Head on to http://sale.tokenomy.com/daex now to purchase DAX Tokens.

About DAEX
DAEX (Digital Assets Exchange) is a distributed digital asset clearing ecosystem built using a blockchain-based multi-asset clearing and settlement protocol.

To find out more about DAEX, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJotPU6TSkg
1 Million DAX Bounty Global: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4958619
DAEX Medium: https://medium.com/daex
DAEX Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaexBlockchain

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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