Video: Introduction of Mobilum by CEO Wotjek

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A new video is released to introduce the most anticipated product in the cryptocurrency market — the XCard! In this video, CEO of Mobilum — Wotjek Kaszycki — uncovers the background of how Mobilum first started.

About Mobilum and XCard

Mobilum is a platform which allows exchanges from any currency to any currency, including cryptocurrency —in real time.

XCARD is the most secure Fiat Wallet and Biometric Crypto Credit Card with access to exchanges all over the world, for more than 50 million users. It is also equipped with the payment card which you can use as a customer of Mobilum platform and of XCard.

Mobilum was introduced to counter several problems with the blockchain technology — namely liquidity and wealth — as mentioned by Wotjek.

When can users expect to use the product?

Mobilum is intended to be launched in the 1st quarter of this year, while the simultaneous launch of XCard wallet will be towards the end of 2nd quarter this year (beginning of the 3rd quarter for America).

Mobilum Token (MBM) Benefits

Mobilum Platform is the most user-friendly platform that provides immediate “any-to-any” exchanges, the best transaction rates, and the ability to spend authorized cryptocurrency on demand for day to day activities.

The Mobilum token (MBM) functions as a means of membership and to make payment for transactions carried out on the Mobilum platform. It is a user-friendly utility token and it can be procured via the Mobilum wallet using the Mobilum Smart Contract so as to satisfy the need of individual users of the platform.

Among other benefits, the MBM can be used as a liquid token for loan collateral and spending in fiat money. In addition, the Mobilum token holders can transfer tokens to other users or from one wallet to another and they can easily turn the tokens in their Mobilum wallet to another cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and many more. The Mobilum token is an ERC20 token supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

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MBM Token Sale is coming soon to you!

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