Vote TEN on CoinDeal Community Voting

Dear Tokenomy Community,

TEN is participating in CoinDeal Community Voting. We hope that you will show your support for TOKENOMY by voting for TEN on CoinDeal!

We will be rewarding 3 TENS/vote if we win and is successfully listed in CoinDeal. Send your screenshots through this link in order to claim your rewards!

How To Vote:

  1. Visit CoinDeal Voting Site
  2. Find Tokenomy TEN token in the list

3. Vote for TEN

4. Save a screenshot of your participation (with date stamp)

5. Submit the screenshot of your votes through this link

Voting Deadline: 16 October 2018

Rules: Only screenshots with date stamp will be counted as one vote

Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Halo member Tokenomy,

Tokenomy (TEN) berpartisipasi di dalam Coindeal Community Voting . Kami mengharapkan dukungan dari kalian untuk melakukan vote TEN di Coindeal!

Kami akan memberikan hadiah sebesar 3TEN/vote apabila TEN menang dan berhasil listing di Coindeal. Kirim bukti screenshoot Anda di link ini setelah Anda melakukan voting

Cara Vote:

  1. Kunjungi Website CoinDeal Voting
  2. Cari Tokenomy TEN token di dalam list

3. Vote TEN

4. Screenshoot bukti vote dengan tanggal tertera disana

5. Submit bukti screenshot lewat link disini

Voting Deadline: 16 October 2018

Rules!: Hanya bukti screenshots yang disertakan dengan tanggal didalamnya yang terhitung sebagai satu vote!


亲爱的 Tokenomy 社区成员,

TEN (十全币) 正在参加CoinDeal 社区投票,我们希望您可以通过 在CoinDeal给TEN (十全币)投票的方式支持 Tokenomy !

假如我们胜出并在CoinDeal 成功上市,您可以通过此链接上传您的投票截图,每票奖励3TEN (十全币)!

1. 访问 CoinDeal 投票网站

2. 访问CoinDeal 投票,找到 Tokenomy TEN

3. 为TEN 投票

4. 保留您的投票截图(截图须有投票日期标注)

5. 通过此链接上传您的投票截图



您投的每一票都会计数,重今天开始给TEN 投票吧

Every vote you cast counts! Cast yours for TEN today!

Thank you,
Tokenomy Team

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