Tokenomy is a licensed digital asset platform that offers a wide range of crypto-based financial services. At Tokenomy, you can safely invest in crypto assets and earn an enhanced interest as passive income. There are a wide range of investment products available.Ā In addition, if you are a crypto trader, Tokenomy provides a spot and futures trading platform.

Tokenomy Earn – The Easiest Way to Invest Crypto Assets

Tokenomy Earn is a crypto investment platform where you can easily earn passive income. Starting with a low deposit amount, you can earn from your crypto holdings with menial risk and above-average interest rates. You can also invest your crypto for a long term period for a higher yield (up to 12%).Ā 

There are 3 types of products available:

  • Fixed Deposit
    With a wide range of crypto assets and varying tenors at competitive rates, profiting from crypto has never been easier
  • Staking
    By staking crypto assets on Tokenomy, you can earn daily or weekly rewards, without having to bother by the complicated technical process behind each blockchain
  • Dual Currency Deposit (DCD)
    DCD is a crypto asset investment vehicle in which you can receive enhanced returns in two different currencies depending on the final settlement price. For example, you can deposit BTC on the BTC/USDT pair; if the price of BTC increases above the reference price at maturity, you will be able to take the profit in USDT. If the BTC price stays within your chosen reference price at maturity, you will receive an enhanced interest in BTC, which means more Bitcoin!

TEN Loyalty Program – Save TEN tokens and earn more!

TEN Loyalty Program is a way for TEN token holders to enjoy special privileges including lower exchange fees and preferential rates on Tokenomy EARN. The program is designed to reward Tokenomy members with added benefits

TEN Loyalty Program has a three-tier system consisting of Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.

These tiers provide users with the following benefits:

TokenomyX – Trade CFD on crypto market

TokenomyX is a CFD contract market platform. CFD (Contract for Differences) trading is a form of derivatives trading, which means you trade on a contract derived from the price movement of an underlying crypto asset. This instrument allows users to trade at a higher value of positions with leverage, go long or short in the market, and use it as a tool to hedge against volatile portfolio positions. With TokenomyX, advanced traders can make a profit in either bull and bear markets.

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