Why Invest on Tokenomy Earns Have High Interest?

High Return Investment on Tokenomy Earn

If you have cryptocurrencies that you would like to invest in or have just started investing in cryptocurrencies and are confused about choosing the right platform to store your assets, Tokenomy Earn is one of the best platforms you can choose.

Cryptocurrency is now increasingly seen as an investment asset.Therefore, it is important that you select a trusted platform to invest in. Security on the Tokenomy Earn platform is based on zero trust which prioritizes the system framework and minimizes trust in employee information which makes this platform secure and safe. The benefit of investing with Tokenomy Earn is that our investment products allow you to earn up to 12% interest profit, in contrast to the bank’s fixed deposit interest which only gives a 3-5% yield. Apart from keeping your assets safe, you can also earn huge profits with Tokenomy Earn!

Background and main idea behind Tokenomy Earn

The Tokenomy Earn platform was created to provide a secured facility for members’ digital assets. There are two investment products offered on our Tokenomy platform, namely fixed deposit and staking. Tokenomy Earn focuses on deposits that provide a yield. In the crypto market, there are several ways to earn yields, such as via the lending market, options market, staking, and also DeFi. Most of the players in the lending market are institutional and corporate borrowers, so they do business with large funds. All of these processes occur behind the scenes. As a member, all you have to do is sit back, relax and receive the investment returns as promised.

The team behind Tokenomy Earn

The key to the success of a company certainly lies in the team that works together behind it. Tokenomy’s management team consists of the founding team of Indodax which is the largest and leading digital asset exchange platform in Indonesia, as well as other professionals in the financial industry. To ensure the safety of Tokenomy Earn members’ funds, which is the core of the products offered, Tokenomy consistently adds to the list of global institutional partners we have, and ensures that we only work with the best and most trusted partners in the industry.

Interest Calculation on Tokenomy Earn

If you would like to learn how yield is calculated on Tokenomy Earn, you can read the Earn Service Agreement. The process is very easy, you will only need to register and deposit digital assets, followed by subscribing to any of the products available on Earn. The calculation is done by dividing the applicable annual interest by three hundred and sixty five (365) days by the duration of the relevant subscription product, rounded to 8 decimal places.The interest payment system will be paid using the same cryptocurrencies as what you have used to subscribe.

To make it easier for you to understand the dividing system, let’s go through an example. We assume that our selected Earn product has the following terms: BTC – denominated, 30 days holding period, at 5% interest per annum. With this provision, if user A makes a deposit of 1 BTC to this product for 30 days, then user A will receive a refund of 1.00410958 BTC. The number is obtained by this formula = (1 BTC * 5% * 30/365). The amount of interest you get will follow the existing provisions.

Mechanism of investing with Tokenomy Earn

Are you now more interested in investing with Tokenomy Earn? If you are, you can do so immediately! The process is very easy – you will only need to register and deposit digital assets, then subscribe to one of the products available on Earn. Some of the products currently available are IDK, BTC, USDT, USDC, and TEN. In the future, Tokenomy Earn will be adding more products so that there are more investment options for you. In addition to selecting the asset you wish to invest, you also need to select the deposit period. During this period, your assets will be unlocked and cannot be traded. The last thing to do is wait to receive the interest! For detailed steps, you can directly access your Tokenomy Earn account and start investing right away!

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