SWIPE Trading Competition Has Ended!

Dear Tokenomy Users,

We are glad to announce that SWIPE Trading Competition has ended!

The competition has started from 26th of August 2019 to 22nd of September 2019. It was held over four weeks, with each contest running for a period of 1 week.

  • Week One: 26 Aug 2019–1 Sept 2019
  • Week Two: 2 Sept 2019–8 Sept 2019
  • Week Three: 9 Sept 2019–15 Sept 2019
  • Week Four: 16 Sept 2019–22 Sept 2019

This competition is held in celebration of SWIPE’s listing in Tokenomy Exchange, with total prize up to 300.000 SWIPE Tokens!

Prizes for the Weekly Trading Contest
  • 1st Position: 50,000 SWIPE Tokens
  • 2nd to 6th Positions: 20,000 SWIPE Tokens
Special Prizes for the Overall Top 3 Traders!

At the end of the competition, the Top 3 Traders over the 4 weeks from 26 Aug 2019 — 22 Sept 2019 will WIN up to 100,000 SWIPE Tokens!

  • 1st Position: 100,000 SWIPE Tokens
  • 2nd Position: 60,000 SWIPE Tokens
  • 3rd Position: 40,000 SWIPE Tokens

Here is the compilation of the SWIPE Trading Competition winners from week 1 – week 4, and the Top 3 Traders!

SWIPE Trading Contest Winners – Week 1:

  • 1st Position: aandestik
  • 2nd Position: sinka223
  • 3rd Position: an****.*******@*****.**
  • 4th Position: Robert8888
  • 5th Position: fr9999
  • 6th Position: pengusahacrypto1

SWIPE Trading Contest Winners – Week 2:

  • 1st Position: ke********@*****.***
  • 2nd Position: omre
  • 3rd Position: indodax-gedeputra
  • 4th Position: pengusahacrypto1
  • 5th Position: sinka223
  • 6th Position: aandestik

SWIPE Trading Contest Winners – Week 3:

  • 1st Position: sinka223
  • 2nd Position: ke********@*****.***
  • 3rd Position: omre
  • 4th Position: fadilahahoo
  • 5th Position: aandestik
  • 6th Position: adeline_polu

SWIPE Trading Contest Winners – Week 4:

  • 1st Position: fadilahahoo
  • 2nd Position: sinka223
  • 3rd Position: aandestik
  • 4th Position: ggparaz
  • 5th Position: taca_strong
  • 6th Position: adeline_polu
Top Traders Winners:
  • 1st Position: sinka223 with total volume 97,720,343 SWIPE Tokens
  • 2nd Position: fadilahahoo with total volume 74,232,046 SWIPE Tokens
  • 3rd Position: aandestik with total volume 64,807,143 SWIPE Tokens

Congratulations to all the winners! The SWIPE Tokens prize will be given to the winners one week after this announcement. Follow our social media and subscribe our channel, and stay tuned for more events updates.

Thank you,

Tokenomy Team

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